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The gas-liquid booster pump is to assemble the gas-liquid booster pump, oil tank (water tank) and various components in the tubular frame or closed box according to the actual needs of customers, with compact structure and convenient use. Pressure regulating valves, pressure gauges, valves, etc. are panel mounted. What you can know is that you need to know the parameters and others when ordering a satisfactory booster pump. Let's have a brief understanding.
Pressure and flow of driving gas
The driving air pressure used by all pumps and power units during continuous operation shall not exceed 0.69mpa, and can reach 1.03mpa during intermittent operation. For the air consumption of the pneumatic pump under the condition of good performance, please refer to the required driving gas flow table.
Working pressure and flow
The working pressure of all pumps and power units refers to the pump output pressure and flow when the driving air pressure is 0.48mpa. If the large output pressure of the pump is greater than the required working pressure, safety measures should be considered. For large output pressure, please refer to the "table of approximate ratio of static driving air pressure and output hydraulic pressure" in the product catalog. The type selection of power unit is consistent with that of pump. For working flow, please refer to the "performance curve" in the product catalog.
Conveying liquid medium
The liquid medium delivered by the pump is an important part of pump selection. The material of the hydraulic part and the hydraulic seal ring are determined by the liquid medium conveyed. The pump can use oil, water and most liquid media. The main hydraulic sealing rings of the standard pump are butadiene rubber and polyurethane, and the one-way valve seat is sealed by Teflon. Other sealing materials include fluorocarbons and ethylidene propylene, which are mainly used for special media for transportation.
The surface of the box is sprayed with plastic. The connections of all hydraulic parts are sealed reliably without oil leakage, and the connecting pipes are made of stainless steel. Provide users with maintenance manuals and instructions.
The gas-liquid booster pump is continuously discharged by the high-pressure piston controlled by the one-way valve. The outlet pressure of the gas-liquid booster pump is related to the air driving pressure. The working medium of the gas-liquid booster pump can be water, with high reliability, maintenance free and long service life. The gas-liquid booster pump is a kind of plunger pump. When working, the booster pump quickly reciprocates. As the output pressure approaches the set pressure value, the reciprocating speed of the pump slows down until it stops. At this time, the pump output pressure is constant, the energy consumption is very low, and all parts stop moving.
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